Friday, May 1, 2009

Based on the real life story of Sharee Miller, and it is based on the book Fatal Error.

Find out where Sharee is now


  1. Lord those poor men who got involved with this lying skank!

  2. movie was on again early this morning. I can't believe that this woman is free pending a new trial. Did the court think that Jerry put a gun in his mouth, but before doing so, he put all this together, made it up, why? To get back at her for dumping him. I doubt it, seems to me that he felt stupid for believing her, and was really remorseful. When a defendant makes a deathbed confession, those r held up by the courts. I would classify Jerry's suicide letter as a deathbed confession. Sure she regrets everything now after serving all those years, but she deserves no compassion and the verdict shouldn't have been overturned..